We went to Bhopoli (15 km from Manor) village in January 2016 for the work of the organization.. From there we went to Pawarpada in Boranda village.. Normally a Pada with 60-70 settlements.. The tribals have never done it till today Borewell ever seen a well.. A pit was made at a short distance where there should be a live fountain underneath.. The pit is full of peanuts but the only source of drinking water..

In monsoon, the water is so messy that there is no facility to ask.. Drinking such contaminated water always causes different diseases.. Seeing this horrific situation just 100 km from Mumbai, the mind was shocked.. A little bit of the same situation in the surrounding areas.. Our institution is nothing but 10 such institutions are standing.. If the sky is torn, where to make a thug? When and how will the lives of these people make a difference? If you see it, it rains heavily in this area, then I can’t even think about what would be happening in remote Marathwada with less rainfall.. And this situation is in a state that is considered advanced like Maharashtra.. Then it is better not to imagine a backward state like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar..

In our country there are thousands or lakhs of such hamlets. The Government alone can’t do anything. The hand-pumps installed by Govt agencies are either stolen or are installed only on paper. Secondly, there is no awareness on water borne diseases. These people drink any water which does not have visible particles. Our heart bleeds looking at the primitive lifestyle being followed and the horrible toilet conditions and practices.

Hence we decided that we will do borewells at such locations where there is acute shortage of drinking water.. 

I have traveled many places and have seen the mentality and living of the people of the following Tabka in our country. So one thought is for sure that thousands of people like me can’t make much of a difference until these people’s thinking changes.

Most of us want to do something but without breaking the iron of our clothes anyway. Then the easy solution is to earn virtue by helping money and understanding your mind. But there are people like this because no social work can be done without financial support..

On the one hand, dreaming of how India’s landslide income is increasing and how we will become a superpower in 20 years is the heights of madness.. As long as development is limited to only cities, economic inequality will increase and we will also have a revolution..

If this is the situation, either doing nothing or trying as much as you can, are the only two options.. If we choose another option.. You should do the same by remembering the story of thousands of dying starfish on the sea, just a lot. It feels sad..

Borewells were done at the following locations in January 2016..

  1. Pawar Pada, Boranda
  2. Cave High School, Cave Destroy 
  3. bhekre
  4. Bhoir Pada

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