The settlement of ‘Behrampada’

In 2014 and 2015 we did a few of the following..

  1. The settlement of ‘Behrampada’ in Jawhar taluka, Dolhari Budruk was on the hill and the water well was 1.5 km at the base of the hill. With the cooperation of the villagers there, the electric pump arranged that the tank would be filled with water from the well by installing a 7500 litre tank on the top of the hill. That saved the labor of women. Even today this system is working well.
  2. Boring water increased due to terrace water harvesting in some schools.

We observed the situation before doing all the above work. These works were done with their cooperation and cooperation by trusting the villagers or beneficiaries. Because we insist that all works should have a small share of beneficiaries in labor or material.

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