Removable Bandhara in Bendshil, Badlapur

A short and crisp description of the recent work completed by Neeraja.

Irregular and intense rainfall in the last few years as well as uncontrolled borewell by villagers and farmers in the surrounding areas has caused the intense water to feel in the village.


Dr. Ajit Gokhale

Many villages have ducks and the concept of building series at different heights is old. But the Dr. Ajit Gokhale designed a removable bond so that these bonds can be completely removed. This dam doesn’t even have pillars, so there is no obstacle to flowing water from the drain during the rainy season. The main advantage of this is that there will not be sand / soil storage in the drain or the soil in both sides of the fields is flowing. After the monsoon is over, this dam will be set up around Diwali to help recharge groundwater in the dragon for a long time. Which will directly or indirectly benefit the farmers around and the village as well.
And the special feature of this dam is that the dam doesn’t obstruct the fish breeding movement at all. Most of the fish’s maternity houses are in the small drainage of the mountains and in the fields. Fishes climb up against the downpour from the water at the beginning of the monsoon.. Climbing.. Up-Gani.. Walgani fishes reach there from the bay to the river and drag through the river. All ordinary check dams or Kolhapur system dams cause obstacles in this route or water speed increases so much that it is difficult for fish to climb up, which decreases the number of fish overall. Simple dams and dams are a big cause for global fish drought. The design of this bond can help you increase the number of fish.
Monsoon has a time for fish to grow. This increases the produce of some fish in the fishes. In the early monsoon recruitment, this fish reaches the mouth of the bay. Due to heavy rains, the fish of Valgani sewing, left, garland fish, cut, mure, dacoits also enter the fields of the farmers. Valgan is found on the coast of Raigad and Konkan. This fish gives it to drink in a small vessels of the mountains and nearby fields in ordinary Arda and rehabilitation stars. This pillow destroys many insects in the field. Was part of many food chains. After a little bigger, in the northern Nakshatra, the rivers flow from the north and the rivers flow into the areas of the bay and somewhat deep into the large sea.
One of these important castes is Chivani / Chivani, the fish comes when it rains heavily in the beginning. This chivani is full of dung these days. These people have come up to put eggs when they come up. That’s why they are called Udhavani Chivani. They flow from the sea to the culf, in the veer (in the fountain) to the fields. This is why the fishermen on the bay catch the chewani. They sell their fish in the market.
The only time in a year is that in the early rains you can find the vigilance. After that the vulgarity was rare. As the fishes are tasty, the eaters buy it even at a big price.
Misconceptions and large dams are obstructing the way of these fish coming.
Also, the top stones will help keep moving forward. The dam will be useful for decades without leaving any bad impression on the environment.
Agriculture Bhushan Shri with the coincidence of Karma. Rajendra Bhat came in contact with us. They wanted to take advantage of the river flowing by his farm and increase the ground water. They said if we extract water from the womb then it’s our responsibility to recharge it. He had completed two bonds himself in the last few years and wanted to do the third and largest bond in the chain with the new design.

This bond was completed yesterday due to the education of our Neerja Institute. Also posting some of his photos. When this bandhara is full, around 38 lakh liters of water will be collected and approximately 70 to 75 lakh liters of water can be collected in the whole dragon (due to all three constructions). Now this collected water will dump from the ground and help increase the water of the surrounding wells, borewell. This will be an ideal example of preventing water, saving water. In the same way, there is a consideration of working at Mahim near Mokhada and Palghar in the next few months.

Dr. Ajit Gokhale and his colleagues Avinash, Akshay, Rohit got valuable cooperation in the work of this bond.
Yashwant Marathe, Sudhir Dandekar, Shrikant Bhide, Vasant Marathe, Suresh Vaidya, Aditi Marathe

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