God willing Baliyasi

Last week I went to dhumadpada in kunjhe village for work at our neeraja institute. There, the work of building a barn is going on by our organization.

Work inspection done, we left with new instructions.

At that time, a tribal man from Pada came forward and started insisting to drink tea at our house. We may not have thought that we would say yes, but after shouting, he said, Sir, but you have to drink black tea. No one can afford to chain milk if they leave the milk to give to children there. He was happy to say yes too. I’ve never had such a great boiled tea (not tea bag).

As soon as we were leaving there, the village sarpanch came looking for us and said that BDO (Block Development Officer) has invited us to meet. We were surprised because we had nothing to do.

If we go to their office, they usually complain about the government officials, e.g. No good people, no budget etc. We don’t know what kind of this is. At last we asked the reason to call us without staying. So his background is that many of the Padre marches have gone out in front of his office in the last few days to provide our drinking water.

We have done almost 50 bore wells in Vikramgarh taluka through Niraja Sanstha in the last 2-3 years, so they requested Niraja to do at least 12 bore wells in the next two weeks because their budget is very insufficient. We told them that hey sir, our institution is very small, where will we get enough? We have taken up the work of this dam, there is no more bore wells in it. So they told us to make sure you go on these pads.

Even then when we were grumpy, BDO said, Sir, the main reason for requesting you is that there is no water in any bore well made by Niraja even after 2-3 years. So if you do the bore well we are sure people will keep getting water.

We were amazed to hear. Then it is completely agreed that if we work selflessly without any desire, then call it Jaganiyanta, say Sadguru, say God, stand with us. Me and Sudhir Dandekar both got their hands wiped out automatically.

We then went to 12 places and decided 10 of them. Bore wells were installed in the following 10 places in the last 4-5 days and the important thing is that all the places were watered properly.

Handve Pada (Kunjhe village), Padwal Pada village, Thackeray Pada (Mhasroli village), Nalshet village, Deherje village, Chari village, Dapcherry village, Vilshet village, Talavali village and Karsud village.

If anyone wants to join our social work, please contact. Thank you.

|| Shri Swami Samarth ||

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