We all are trying to repay the social debt according to our own way and kuwati.. With the same feeling we also founded Neeraja about 8 years ago..

There was an outline of the work that Neeraja organized to create awareness about water management in Khedegaon, provide technical support and help the villagers by looking at the attitude of the people in the village.. Due to the infinite difficulties in the early days, we could not do any special work in the first 4-5 years.. But we didn’t give up our stubbornness or courage.. Fortunately in the last 3-4 years this situation has changed and the villagers there slowly started believing our speech and our pure intentions.. Also, we started receiving donations from friends, relatives and social contacts so our work Got a great momentum..


In our view, if the water problem is to be solved from the root, then there is no other option than water supply and water conservation (rainwater harvesting).. With this purpose, Niraja Sanstha has been working for the last 2-3 years in the limited areas of Vikramgad and Talasari..

We went to Pawarpada in Boranda village in March 2016.. Pada with about 60-70 settlements.. Tribals there have never seen a borewell or a well in the paddle till date.. A pit was made at a short distance where there should be a living fountain below.. The pit is full of peanuts but it is the only source of drinking water.. In monsoon, water is so messy that there is no facility to ask.. Drinking such contaminated water always causes different diseases.. My heart is shocked to see this horrific situation just 110 km from Mumbai It’s done.. This is the situation in a little bit on the surrounding lanes.. No matter what about Niraja Sanstha, it’s not enough if 10 such institutions stand.. If the sky is torn, where to put a thug? When and how will the lives of these people make a difference?

Then it was realized that providing drinking water is the first primary requirement.. We decided to implement a project to provide drinking water with a rechargeable borewell by installing a hand pump on it.. We are happy to say that through Niraja Sanstha 33 in the last two years. Such borewells were done at places.. Out of which 24 borewells were done in Vikramgarh taluka, 8 in Talasari taluka and 1 in the tribal girls hostel at Waveghar of Wada taluka.. Shri Pratap Kamat helped us a lot in these works.. With The map of Vikramgad and Talasari taluka has been attached so that you can guess exactly where we could reach..

In the financial year 2016-17, jobs were generally worth Rs. 10 lakh and in the last 2017-18 financial year, jobs were done worth Rs. 10 lakh.. So the target of the coming financial year 2018-19 is set to Rs. 15 lakh..

But we don’t want to keep doing this.. Our main purpose is to remain water conservation.. We have currently undertaken an ambitious project to build a large Check Dam (Bandhara) at Zirpichi Wadi in Dhumadpada, Kunje village.. The Bandhara Plange is vented and 50 It will be built 2.5 feet long and 4 feet wide (top) and 100 feet wide (bottom).. The portion will be installed 10 to 15 feet long protective wall.. The monkey will be built about 100 behind It will be possible to store water up to meter.. The work of this monkey was done yesterday on 17th May by breaking the shrifal and the actual work will start today.. The work of this monkey will be mainly done through CSR Contribution of Xoriant Solutions Pvt Ltd company..

Sadar Bandhara will be completed in the next 15-20 days.. The dam will benefit the surrounding farmers a lot.. I want to go ahead and give a helping hand to those farmers in selling their farm products.. Let’s see what we can do.. Bandhara complete I’ll tell you all that when it’s done..

Also, after this year’s rainy season, a big project at Patil Pada is also pending to make a lake with a size of 120 meters long x 75 meters wide, a room of 2.5 meters (about 2.5 acres).. Doing so is about 30 Two crops can be taken from the land of the acre of land under the hail..

The happiness and satisfaction you get from the happiness of others is something else and we are tasting this.. If you or your friends want to participate in our happiness campaign, contact:

Yashwant Maratha-98200 44630

Sudhir Dandekar-98231 33768


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has participated with us so far..

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