If you want to solve the water problem from the roots, then there is no other option than water supply and water conservation (rainwater harvesting).. For this purpose, Niraja Sanstha has been working on its side in the limited areas of Vikramgad and Talasari for the last 4 years.. While doing this work, I realized that Providing drinkable water is the first priority.. From this, a project was undertaken to provide drinking water with a rechargeable borewell and a hand pump on it.. Great job for this Mr. Sensitive mind. Pratap Kamat did.. Niraja Sanstha and Shri. Drinking water was provided to 16 tribal padas with the joint effort of Pratap Kamat.. This is a glimpse of it..

The happiness that you get from the happiness of others is something else and we are tasting this.. You can also participate in our campaign..

Borewells were done at the following locations in December 2017..
1. Village Pada, Cave
2. Sheelshet Village
3. Ghaneghar village
4. Raigunj Pada, Savade
5. Gavari Pada, Kunjhe Destroy
6. feet, Khadki
7. Marathi School, Construction
In the last 1-2 years we’ve done almost 22-25 borewells in this area but the places were mostly where there was no drinking water at all but getting borewell done may not be our long term goal. So now in the next 1-2 years, it will be mainly the development of the village..
If you keep your goal too wide while doing any social work, it gets disrupted that’s why we have decided to focus on Kunze village and surrounding areas here.. These are women’s saving groups in the village that can lead to many good activities..

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